Selecting the best Airtrack Matte

So you want the best possible Airtrack to train on? Well then you have arrived at the right page. We will be looking at some options on how to choose the best posible Airtrack Matte for your needs.
If you are all new to this and wondering what an Airtrack matte is, let me explain it briefly (for even more information visit DTV Transition).

Airtracks are basically gymnastic mats filled with Air. The more air you can put in to the Air track, the better bounce you will get. So if you are using a 20cm high Airtrack then you will get a big boost on the jumps you do on an Air track, which enables you to do jumps you wouldn't normally be able to do. Or just get the boost you need to be able to do a jump you otherwise wouldn't be able to do on a normal gymnastic mat. This is one of the main benefits of an Airtrack matte. But if you are into sports or fitness or just like working out outdoor, then you should be considering one of these fancy new gymnastic mats. Selecting the best Airtrack matte isn't a simple task. But luckiy you can find a little help here on Dynadot to help make this process a little easier. Let's jump right into it and learn how to choose the right Airtrack matte for your needs. Choosing the wrong model to save money will for many be a big mistake. Selecting the right model, will give you hours of fun and entertainment.

Airtrack matte

How to choose the right Airtrack Matte

It can be a hard ting to choose the best possible Airtrack when there are so many different types and models to choose from. Should you go with a 4 meter which can be used indoor and outdoor, a smaller 3 meter due to less space or a large 6 or 8 meter Air track?
10, 20 or 30 cm in height, what is the best option for your needs?  Selecting an airtrack for haven or one of the new flipz models can be quite the task. Especially if you arn't really into gymnastics yourself or have tried using Airtracks yourself. So to make this whole process a bit easier we have a small guide on selecting the proper airtrack model here. Something that can be a little complicated with zero knowledge of Airtracks. There's a big different if you just want to use it as a tumble track in the backyard or to improve your gymnastics skills or training for a gym compertition. The higher performance you want from the Airtrack, the more expensive it will be. For instance if you are a 15 year old skilled gymnast, then a 6 meter long and 20 cm high Airtrack may be the perfect solution for you, which a 8 year old girl who have just started doing gymnastics will do just fine with a 10cm x 3 meter long Air track.  Buying a to big Air trax will just make it to heavy to carry around, and be a waste of money. So it's important to find a size you are going to enjoy now, but also one that you can use for the next year or so. The width isn't as important as hiight and length, it's mainly in the beginning it's nice with a little extra margin.

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Let me give you a solution they may be a little different from what you was considering - a dobble Airtrack. Use two smaller GymPlay Airtracks instead of one large. 
The benefits of using two smaller Airtracks is that you can easier fit one smaller Air track inside your home. Not many has space for one long 6 meter Airtrack indoor, but most can fit a 3 meter model in their home. Then when the weather is perfect for outdoor training, you can take both of your 3 or 4 meter Airtracks outdoor and use a velcro connector to combine them into one.
Another benefit of the dobble Air tracks solution, is that a 6 or 8 meter Airtrack matte can be quite heavy to carry. But most will be able to carry a 3 meter, so transportation will for many be a lot easier. Especially for the younger users this is quite a big feature. in most cases I would recommend a the dobble version for people under 12, the longer models are simple to heavy to handle easily.
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But what is the right length for your needs?

New users or younger gymnasts can easily get away with using a 3 meter Airtrack while older or more experienced user will be needing a 5 or 6 meter model. The same goes for the height. A novice can get plenty of fun with a 15cm model, while a trained gymnast would find that it doesn't quite give enough bounce and would therefore prefer a 15 or 20cm high Air track. 

So basically you can say that the older or more experienced you are, the longer and thicker Airtrack matte is needed to get the optimal out of it.  Most of the time I would recommend the dobble version though as you get so many more benefits when you go down that road. If you have tried to carry a 15cm 5 meter model over to your friends place, then you know what I am talking about. Having 3 meter models not only gives you a full meter more (for the same price), but you can have you friend carry the other one, so you only have to carry about 12-13 kg which is much easier to do. This alone makes this is much better option for most people. In most cases I would easily recommend a double Airtrack setup over one long model, unless it's for a club or somehing like that. In that case a really long and wide Air track if often the best solution, and can be even more fun than the shorter ones. Personally I enjoy using 2 x 4 meter models, as I can fit a 4 meter inside my basement to use during the winter, and 8 meter outdoor is just the right length for me. I am using the 15 cm heigh one, as that gives me the best bounce compared to price/weight. I think the 4 meter 20cm one is to heavy to carry around and a bit to expensive. Haven't tried the 30cm Air track yet, but I can imagine it got a pretty crazy bounce. So if you ask me and got room for a smaller version indoor and a longer outdoor, go with the double Airtrack solution from GymPlay instead of one long.

So how wide should the Airtrack be? For shorter models you can get a way with one meter, but as it get's long you are going to want some additional width on it. in many cases 1½ meter is just fine, but for models beyond 6 meter, a 2 meter model is often more safe and comfortable to use. If you get angel a bit wrong on the longer models, chance are that you will end up outside the Air track. So I wouldn't recommend getting a model below 1½ meter unless we are taking 3 meter or less in length.  So if you go with an Airtrack mini, you don't need more than 1.25 to 1.5 meter. This is a really popular model for home training, and one that is great for training solo jumps and improving your skills. Especially because it can fit into most homes, so you can get some training done on those rainy days too. Being able to train indoor is a huge bonus for many, and something you should be considering if you can find the space for a little indoor training. Having the option to use a small airtrax indoor and a longer one outdoor is really a huge benefit for most gymnasts. That extra bounce makes everything so much more fun, and gives you some options that you wouldn't have otherwise. Compared to my6 Berg trampolin I would go with an Air track any day. More fun and more options. However if you are a total beginning, a trampoline might be more fun for the first month or so. It's a bit easier to use and doesn't require quite as much skill.

I have been using Air tracks for about 5 years myself, and really got a lot of fun out of it. Not only is the training much more fun on the Airtrack, but it also makes it easier to train gymnastic jumps. Especially the fun part is that keeps you motivated and not grow tired of gymnastics, as we often see with young people. So for me the extra fun factor is a big part of why I still train gymnastics today. If i didn't have the Airtrack, I would most likely be playing football or tennis instead today. Now I am glad I choose gymnastics, and I love doing it. I also do a bit of swimming, running, fitness and aerobic training, but most of the training these days are on the Airtracks which I love.
Most say I am a sports freak, but just because I enjoy watching it and practice fitness a few times a week doesn't mean there isn't more in my life. But yeah it's one of the most important things in my life for now. This will likely change when I get older, so for now i'll just enjoy it as much as possible. Running, sprinting, swimming or cycling I love it all. But mainly gymnastics at the moment.

Another thing to consider is the quality. If you use it a lot outdoor, it can be a good idea to get one with dobble rail as it will last longer and be better protected. Also consider what types of toxic materials are used in the plastic as some of them have been found to contain toxic Phthalates which can be harmfull to be in contact with. Something most parents doesn't even realise when they buy a new Air track for their children. But it's actually more impotant than you might think.

Here is a few examples of some popular Airtracks, which I can recommend.

Airtracks matte with pump

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