About me

My name is Peter Springer and I enjoy sports and gymnastics. This is why I have choosen to make a small blog about Airtracks which is one of my favorite pieces of gymnastic equipment. The Airtrack is an inflatable gymnastic mat, and you can read a lot more about here on my front page.

Airtrack Training for home use

Gymnastic trainer

I train almost every day on my Airtrack, but I also teach gymnastics to the local kids. Some of it on the Air track, but mainly traditional gymnastics with various types of gym equipment.
When not studying sports at the collage, I train a bit of fitness and running too. My goal is to become a fitness instructor in our local gym, and work there for a few years to get more experience while I finish my studies. I want to work with sports, things like reseaching how athlets can improve their training, the benefits of gymnastics over weight lifting and those kind of things. That would be my dream job, but for now I just want to finish school and focus a bit on my own training.
On a private level - I am single, no pets, just moved into a small appartment near school, and pretty much enjoying life as it is right now.

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